SuGI - Sustainable Grid Infrastructure

SuGI is a gap project of the German Grid Initiative (D-Grid). Its major task is to disseminate the knowledge of grid technology and to enhance its use. Thus, SuGI addresses all academic computing centers as well as enterprises, which still have not adopted grid technology. They will be supported in providing grid resources and services. 

During this project, research experiences gained in the D-Grid projects will be made available to these institutions. Thus, SuGI offers own training courses; attends to external courses, create video and audio recordings and provide these online to the D-Grid communities via a scaling training infrastructure.

Set up of a Scaling Training Infrastructure

SuGI provides recordings of internal and external training courses about grid technologies online. In co-operation with several partners like e.g. DESY, e-learning components for grid computing and the grid middleware will be developed. Information and training materials are provided online via the SuGI Portal.

Simplification of Installation and Servicing Procedures

Next to the dissemination of know-how around grid technologies, SuGI develops training systems for grid middleware (gLite, Globus Toolkit and UNICORE) and contributes to a simplification of installation and servicing procedures. Tools for standard installations as well as for task related installations will be created. One of SuGI's goals is to reduce the effort for adaptations to a minimum and to increase the general productivity of the grid.

Development and Evaluation of Legal and Organizational Structures

Whenever workflows shall be enabled across institutional or country borders, lots of organizational and legal questions emerge. SuGI contributes to the development of grid conform business and licence models and designs use cases for the connection of small and medium size computing centres to the DGI VO management. Thus, potential service providers are offered new possibilities showing how to provide grid services profitable and cost-effective.

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