Recording of Events

To achieve sustainability, organizers of training events like workshops, conferences, summer schools etc. are requested to record these events self-contained and to provide them via the SuGI Portal to a greater target audience. Such contents, provided by organizers of events form an important part of our training materials.

On this site, you will find documentations and continuative texts on miscellaneous themes around recording of events and videopresentations. Basically, these are technical documentations and manuals containing tests and field reports for specific software tools. You are kindly requested to contact us with any questions around generating, recording or editing of training materials.

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SuGI Documentation: Recording of Training Events

This documentation provides experiences, hints and know-how for the recording of talks at workshops and conferences collected by members of the SuGI project during the project run time. It aims at helping those organizers who want to record their training events and provide them via the SuGI Portal.

Documentation: Aufzeichnung von Schulungsveranstaltungen (PDF document, 10pp., language: German)

Lecturnity (IMC)

The Centre for Applied Computer Science (RRZK/ZAIK) at the University of Cologne provides several documentations about the recording of events like talks and readings with Lecturnity (only in German language):

Dokumentation zum Einsatz von Lecturnity an der Universität zu Köln

Kurzdokumentation zur Arbeit mit Lecturnity (PDF-Dokument, 2 Seiten)

Dokumentation zum Umgang mit Lecturnity (PDF-Dokument, 17 Seiten)

Anleitung zur Wiedergabe von Lecurnity-Dateien

Camtasia (TechSmith)

The Regional Computing Center at the University of Cologne provides a documentation about the recording of events like talks and readings with TechSmith's Camtasia Studio (version 5) considering also the conversion to output formats suitable for mobile devices (only in German language):

Camtasia-Seite des RRZK der Universität zu Köln

Dokumentation zu Camtasia Studio (Vers. 5)

Video Tutorial (creating screencasts with Camtasia) (German Language)

TechSmith (producer of Camtasia) also offers some introductory video tutorials on its web site (auch auf deutsch verfügbar):

Camtasia Studio Tutorials by TechSmith (English)

Camtasia Studio Tutorials von TechSmith (deutsch)

Distributed Production of Lecture Recordings

A framework for distributed production of lecture recordings (German language only)

Ralf Einhorn

Dissertation, 2005

Universität Hannover, Fakultät für Elektrotechnik und Informatik

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