gLite Administration Workshop at GridKa School 2008
Section 2. Installing Computing Element
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This recording was created using documentation for a course of gLite Administration GridKa 2008 from Angela Poschlad (KIT) and Christoph Wissing (DESY). The CREAM CE stands for Computing Resource Execution and Management. This video provides a detailed example how to install and configure a combination of a CREAM CE and a TORQUE server. In conclusion, a set of training exercises for inspecting of services are proposed.

Mitarbeiter/innen von Rechenzentren, IT-Spezialist/innen in kleineren und mittleren Unternehmen, Anwender/innen

Accomplishment of the Section 1. Installing Worker Node; Browser mit Flash-Plugin, Soundkarte, Audiozubehör

You acquire knowledge needed to install and setup of the CE service. With the teaching wizard cooperately, you implement necessary software packages, modify and apply prime configuration files site-info.def, users.conf, groups.conf and others. You learn, what are the correct permissions for host certificates and where to get them, what are required and obsolete variables for site configuration in CE context, obtain practical issues about glite configurations functions. Next to it, this real-time recording shows you descriptively, how to prove the batch system, a simple job submission and other tests. It is highly recommended to complete the \\\"Section 1. Installing Worker Node\\\" before you start the current component part.

SuGI, RZ Freiburg, KIT, DESY

SuGI, RZ Freiburg, KIT, DESY
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