Achieving Sustainability for Grids
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The Grid will only be sustainable, if it is a commonly accepted, broadly established concept as well as a working method for scientists to access resources and infrastructures, offered on the Internet. To reach this goal, service and resource providers need to adapt their infrastructures to become Grid compatible. In addition to this, staff members of providers need to be trained in establishing and maintaining grid based services. At the same time scientists need to be trained in using grid infrastructures. Developers of research codes and scientific workflows need to be educated in 'gridifying' codes. While for large centres and research organisations such education and training can be either organised internally or within their respective communities, additional educational and supporting efforts are needed to cover most of the existing resource providers and the scientists in most of the Universities and research organisations. Education, training and outreach activities will be described that are pursued to reach service structures and researchers, that can benefit from using Grid technologies. Such activities should equally support changing service infrastructures and provider structures.

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