Tutorial on Microsoft SOA Technologies
Part II
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A governed service oriented architecture (SOA) and infrastructure is the underlying foundation to expose, compose and consume services and processes with the goal of a complete and seamless support for different process types spanning different technologies and business areas. Microsoft provides a platform that includes local and Internet-based services, multiple-device client and server software. Development and management tools complete this platform by allowing creating and adapting components for SOAs and composite applications. The .NET Framework is the foundation of this platform. The workshop gives an overview of the different platform elements and products, shows their specific roles in context of SOA, and describes a possible approach for building a SOA based on the Microsoft platform. Aspects like service creation, composition and consumption, interoperability scenarios and implementation of different end-to-end business processes will be shown. Finally an overview of future development in context of SOA and Microsoft's Software + Services strategy that combines local software with local and internet-based services will be given.

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