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Keywords: gLite, Installation, WMS, RB
Abstract: This recording was created using documentation for a course of gLite Administration GridKA08 from Angela Poschlad (KIT) and Christoph Wissing (DESY). This lecture carries through an installation procedure for Workload Management System (WMS). The offered material covers complete setup mechanism of W...

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Resource Broker/Logging and Bookkeeping Service
Übungs- / Produktivsystem  –  SuGI
Erstellt am: 27.04.2009
Abstract: The virtual machine presents installing and configuring procedure of gLite Services Resource Brocker and Logging and Bookkeeping. Resource Brocker is responsible for order of best suited grid resource, and Logging and Bookkeeping Service provides information about jobs events. Please, take a look at...
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