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Keywords: gLite, Installation, BDII
Abstract: This recording was created using documentation for a course of gLite Administration GridKa 2008 from Angela Poschlad (KIT) and Christoph Wissing (DESY). The lecture guides you through installation procedure of the Berkeley Database Information Index (BDII) on site. Primary important file locations a...

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Berkeley Database Information Index (BDII) at site
Übungs- / Produktivsystem  –  SuGI
Erstellt am: 27.04.2009
Abstract: This virtual machine shows how to install and configure gLite Service BDII at site, which collects the information about local grid resources. A typical error in adapting site-info.def (modifying of secondary variables SITE_DESC, SITE_LOC, SITE_WEB and others) is shown. Please, take a look at screen...
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